Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tips to Feed, Indulge and Guide the search engine Robots

by Meenka Pandita

Many people believe that when a search is made in the search engines, the search engines check out the internet to find relevant information. However, this is not true.

According to leading companies providing SEO services, the search engines do not check out the internet to find relevant information about a search requested by a user, but use a robot to surf through the internet. The so-called robot is actually a simple software program which surfs the different web pages available on the internet and stores the relevant information in the database of the search engine. Therefore, when a user looks for certain information using the search engines, he/she actually checks out the information collected in the database of the search engine by the robot.

If you want your website to be ranked high in the search engines, you need to ensure that the search engine robot finds relevant information in your website that the robot might be searching for.

SEO Company in India suggests the following tips which will help your website to achieve a better ranking in the search engines:

Feed the robot: In order to feed the robot, you need to optimize more than one page of your website. Optimize your web pages for different but related keywords so that the robot finds the website to be relevant to a topic. More optimized pages mean better results. The more time and effort you put in, the better results you will achieve. After all, there is no shortcut for success.

Indulge the robot: The appearance of the website is not the same for the robot as you see it. The robot sees only the HTML code and extracts all information from it. Therefore, you need to ensure that, the HTML code of your web pages contain the right information at the right place.

The title tag, meta tags, headline tags, links, keywords in the body text should be in the right order and contain keywords in the right density. In short, SEO India experts believe that your website should be perfectly structured for the search engine robots to achieve better rankings.

Guide the robot: An important aspect of the website structure is the navigations and the internal links used. The website should have text links which are easy to follow and leads to different pages of the website, which you want the search engine robots to see. If the website has poor navigation, the search engine robots will skip the unlinked pages. It is suggested not to use Flash and images everywhere, as robots cannot read it.

According to companies offering SEO services, if the search engine robots are able to index your web pages, you will be able to achieve better page ranking for your website. Better ranking will help to draw in more potential customers and help your business to grow and earn profits.

The author is a business writer and has done masters in Computers. Visit at to know more about SEO services , SEO Company in India and SEO India.

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