Monday, February 2, 2009

5 Methods to Keep Visitors Coming Back

Loads of profitable websites rely on repeat visitors to their site to account for a major amount of the traffic to their website. Visitors that come back are easier to convert into buying customers because as they keep returning to the website, the more they will gain more trust in your website. The credibility of a site is the very thing to think about for success. So it is to your benefit, you should keep visitors returning to the website. You can use some of the following methods:

1) Start a forum, chat room or shout box. When you have created a forum, chat room or shout box, this creates a way of giving your visitors somewhere to voice their opinions and exchange views with like minds - they will all be visitors to you website. When conversations grow, with many responses a feeling of community will also result from this and your visitors are extremely likely to start returning to your website almost instinctively every day.

2) Start a web log (blog) having an internet journal, or what is usually called a blog, on your website and continually keep it updated including all the latest news about yourself and products that may help the visitor. The general public are always curious looking for information and they are highly likely to keep their eyes constantly glued to the monitor of your website if you post fresh news consistently. You will also gain lots of trust because you are showing to them that you are also a real life person!

3) Carry out polls or surveys. More methods that can benefit your site are polls and surveys there are other methods of getting visitors involved that you should most certainly consider introducing to your website. They can give a quick way for visitors to show their opinions and to interact on your website. You should probably consider the idea of publishing polls or surveys that are very relevant to the specified customers to your website so that they are kept interested enough to find out about the results to the polls and or survey.

4) Hold puzzles, quizzes and games, just think of the amount of office workers that are doing nothing at work from day to day, and you can imagine just how many people are likely to visit your website if you give those lots of very interesting and addictive methods of entertainment. It will also benefit you to can hold competitions that will award the high score winners and keep them attempting time and time again to win the prize.

5) Update frequently with fresh content. You should be updating your website on a frequent basis with new information that will ensure that every time your visitors return to your website, they will have some information to read on your website. As you have probably guessed, this is the most popular known and most powerful method of getting visitors to return to your website, but you are in luck because this is also something that is not done very well out of all the traffic generating methods, because of the laziness of webmasters. People won't enjoy browsing a website that looks the same and never changes over the years, so be sure to keep your website updated with the latest information.

About the Author

Uchenna Ani-Okoye is an internet marketing advisor and co founder of Top Affiliate Programs

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